Shane Boroomand


Magic Meathands sketch comedy video #4!

Written, directed and edited by Nikki Turner, and starring Shane Boroomand and Travis McElroy, with Mary Benedict and Liz Gill. There’s also a quick appearance by me in the crucial role of the Ticket Taker.

This was the most production heavy of the initial batch of videos we made, complete with green screen and CGI velociraptor with missile launching arms. We had to cut the velociraptor because he kept blowing his lines.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! We’re having a blast making these for you, and more are in the works. Stay tuned! (Or… stay internetted. Or whatever.)

Magic Meathands Original video #3: Pants – A Nightmare
Magic Meathands Original video #2: Fun and Games
Magic Meathands Original video #1: Eddie the Enforcer

Pants: A Nightmare

Magic Meathands sketch comedy video #3!

This one has a whole lot of me in it. I wrote it, I co-directed it (with fellow Meathand Kevin Callahan who was a great help in breaking this sucker down so we had a super-efficient shoot), I starred in it, I wrote the music (or as I like to call it, sonic enhancement), I edited it. So there’s me all over. But it would simply not exist at all without the Magic Meathands. The fantastic camera work is by Wendy J.N. Lee (she also provided invaluable technical consulting). I absolutely love the freaky taunting by Shane Boroomand, Lara Sterling, Travis McElroy, Kevin Callahan and Mary Benedict. And of course Nikki Turner as Mom. Getting her costuming to work was way harder than I expected but it came out way better than I expected so it was way worth it. Way.

I hope you enjoy it. If so, please comment, give it thumbs up at YouTube, favorite it, forward it on, and all those other things people do on the Interwebs.

Check back next week for the fourth and final video from our first batch of videos.

And there’s more to come! Yesterday, we shot another batch, and again one of them is written by me. So it’s off to the land of editing with me once again. You’ll probably start seeing the second wave in December or January.

Magic Meathands Video #2: Fun and Games
Magic Meathands Video #1: Eddie the Enforcer

Eddie the Enforcer

New sketch comedy video with me!

I provided the voice-over and also appear in this mock commercial written and directed by fellow Magic Meathands performer Shane Boroomand.

Also featured are Kevin Callahan, Nikki Turner, and Mary Benedict.

I recorded most of the voice-over in one take with memories of all of those awful “as seen on TV” ads that seemed to infest daytime and late late night. I don’t know, maybe they still do.

Anyway, this is the first of a new series of sketch comedy videos that the Magic Meathands have produced and are producing. I hope you enjoy! We’ve had a blast making them! To make sure you don’t miss any of them, subscribe to either my YouTube page (for ones with me) or the Magic Meathands YouTube page.

Don’t forget: The Magic Meathands are performing at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica this Friday!

Dawn celebrates 100 shows with the Magic Meathands

On November 12, 2009, fellow improviser Dawn Akemi was inducted into the Magic Meathands‘ Century Club. It’s an honor bestowed upon those who perform 100 shows with the company. Being that the director is the only one who knows how many shows the players do, this came as a complete surprise to Dawn, who had convinced herself that another player would be next. (She’s only the third inductee, following Andrew Pari and Nikki Turner, who you can see in the background of the video below).

Here is Dawn being roasted by her fellow player Shane Boroomand, who has a little fun with Dawn’s… um… shyness? (Yeah right)

Congratulation, Dawn!!!!!!

(My best guess is that Shane is next for the Century Club. But it could also be Heather Brumley.)

What Lurks Within Lockers

The Magic Meathands present a blood-curdling picto-tale of horror and suspense!

Starring (in order of appearance) Shane Boroomand, Nikki Turner, Corey Blake and Eric Ho.
Pics by Cindy Julia (and Corey’s iPhone).


My Ooka Weekend

So there’s been a mysterious character roaming our offices recently. His name is Ooka Chaka. He’s been friending us on Facebook. And without warning, he will show up on your desk with a note instructing you to take him home for the weekend, take pictures, upload them to Facebook, and return him to a specific spot in the office on Monday morning. This past weekend, I was hit. So, what else could I do but comply?

So, I thought I’d post it here too, as I posted it to Facebook.

I found this on my desk at the end of the day last Wednesday. I think it speaks for itself.

Driving home from work. I insisted we drive safely.

It didn’t take long to lose control of the situation. A battle over the radio soon broke out. I won’t tell you which one of us preferred Ringo.

(More shocking is that anyone actually uses the radio anymore, much less has a preference about it.)

Thursday night was the weekly Magic Meathands show at The Spot in Culver City. (plug – – plug)

Of course Ooka had to go.

Before the show started, he decided to do an impromptu set to open for us.

Ooka then hung out with some more Meathands. Heather showed him some improv games that we use to warm up before the show. This one is called “hang loose telephone”.

Ooka really got into this improv thing. Here he is showing off his suggestion for our show. I don’t know why he’s showing it off like that. It’s supposed to be hidden until we’re on stage. That Ooka! Such a rule breaker!

Ooka jumped onstage during our show, nearly tackling Shane! Fortunately Shane’s sexy lips calmed Ooka down.

Friday night, we took a walk around our neighborhood. Ooka took an immediate interest in local print journalism.

We then stopped at a classy upscale restaurant known as Burger King. Ooka was thirsty!

And hungry!

(And lazy.)

He got so hopped up on fake food, he ran out to the Burger King playpen.

Ooka insisted that I take his picture in front of this. I couldn’t tell if he really liked the Jonas Brothers or if he was being ironic.

And Saturday night, it was another Magic Meathands show! Travis had to hold him down to keep him from jumping onstage again.

Soon after this picture, he exploded into a burst of rage and broke the camera on my phone. Needless to say the rest of the weekend was pretty awkward.