Lara Sterling

Gabby’s Good Luck Minute 3

Magic Meathands Original video #11!

Yes, Part 3! It’s becoming an epic! Don’t worry, no prior viewing is needed to understand this video of Gabby and her ongoing efforts to actually pull off a successful TV show. You’d think her station would stop broadcasting her live.

This sketch comedy video was written and directed by Nikki Turner. It stars Kathie Bostian as Gabby, Shane Boroomand and me as the studio crew (my character survived last episode‘s hostage situation, it turns out), Lara Sterling as the American Idol winner, and Jim Maloy and his daughter Audrey Maloy as the balloon-carrying relatives. (Kevin Callahan, Eric Ho and Matt Lundin appear in flashback. How’s that for a day’s work?)

Speaking of the Magic Meathands, don’t forget we’ve got a live show Saturday night at the The Spot Café in Culver City! 8 PM, $7 for 2 improv comedy groups!

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Pants: A Nightmare

Magic Meathands sketch comedy video #3!

This one has a whole lot of me in it. I wrote it, I co-directed it (with fellow Meathand Kevin Callahan who was a great help in breaking this sucker down so we had a super-efficient shoot), I starred in it, I wrote the music (or as I like to call it, sonic enhancement), I edited it. So there’s me all over. But it would simply not exist at all without the Magic Meathands. The fantastic camera work is by Wendy J.N. Lee (she also provided invaluable technical consulting). I absolutely love the freaky taunting by Shane Boroomand, Lara Sterling, Travis McElroy, Kevin Callahan and Mary Benedict. And of course Nikki Turner as Mom. Getting her costuming to work was way harder than I expected but it came out way better than I expected so it was way worth it. Way.

I hope you enjoy it. If so, please comment, give it thumbs up at YouTube, favorite it, forward it on, and all those other things people do on the Interwebs.

Check back next week for the fourth and final video from our first batch of videos.

And there’s more to come! Yesterday, we shot another batch, and again one of them is written by me. So it’s off to the land of editing with me once again. You’ll probably start seeing the second wave in December or January.

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