Dawn Akemi

Dawn celebrates 100 shows with the Magic Meathands

On November 12, 2009, fellow improviser Dawn Akemi was inducted into the Magic Meathands‘ Century Club. It’s an honor bestowed upon those who perform 100 shows with the company. Being that the director is the only one who knows how many shows the players do, this came as a complete surprise to Dawn, who had convinced herself that another player would be next. (She’s only the third inductee, following Andrew Pari and Nikki Turner, who you can see in the background of the video below).

Here is Dawn being roasted by her fellow player Shane Boroomand, who has a little fun with Dawn’s… um… shyness? (Yeah right)

Congratulation, Dawn!!!!!!

(My best guess is that Shane is next for the Century Club. But it could also be Heather Brumley.)

That Obsequious Chick

The Magic Meathands have posted another video to their YouTube channel. Inexplicably, I am again not in this one. I can’t imagine why because everything I do is unerringly hilarious.

Be that as it may, fellow Meathands Carrie Aikman, Dawn Akemi, and Heather Brumley are pretty funny, too. Here, they play a game called Enter-Exit. They each have a cue word, given by the audience. Each time someone uses one of the words in the scene, the corresponding person has to either enter or exit. Carrie has “unicorn”, Dawn has “obsequious” and Heather has “grapefruit”. Needless to say, that middle word caused some trouble.