The Web Space for The Improv Site

Wait, reverse that.

The web site for The Improv Space.

I’ve been performing at this theater, located in Westwood near UCLA, since October 2012 by my count. A few years ago, I offered to help out with the redesign of the website, and I’ve been serving as webmaster ever since. I can’t take full credit for the site because a lot of the overall look was established before I started to help out, and several of us pitch in to update it, but I’m glad to contribute to a really wonderful group.

So if you’re in the Los Angeles area and want to take some classes in how to do improvisational comedy and/or want to be entertained for a night or two or ten, this is a wonderful community with smart and silly players.

We’ve got some classes starting in September with excellent, experienced teachers. You can sign up now.

YOUConventionThere’s a full line-up of stand-up comedy, open mic and jam opportunities, and improv. I perform every Thursday night in the 8:00 hour with The YOU Convention.

GroundControlBefore joining up with The Improv Space, I was part of the Magic Meathands, which incorporated a lot of games and short-form improv into their shows. So it’s been really fun to return to short-form improv with Ground Control, which has a show this Saturday night! That’s going to be a lot of fun! (Fun fact: that fantastic Ground Control logo was designed by the super-talented Kristian Horn.)

And the theater has started a sketch comedy program, and we’re now accepting submissions for writers and performers to help form our first sketch house teams.

So yeah, lots going on in Westwood. Please check out the site and stop by the theater in person. I’d love to see you there.

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