Day: August 6, 2016

Do we call it Saturday because that was the day we sat around all day long?

Trying to experiment with shorter blog posts. Trying to remind myself I don’t have to write 1,000-word essays every night. Trying to just let this be whatever it ends up being. Trying to start every sentence with “Trying to” just for the sake of emphasis but it’s feeling forced and not really very original.

But yes, that aside, so far so good! I really appreciate the visits, the reading, the likes on Facebook, the retweeting on Twitter, the Ask Me Anything submissions, the comments. I even got a voicemail (that I need to return but come on, it’s 2016, no one talks on the phone anymore; OK actually I’m just lame and need to call you back).

So we’ll keep going! I’ll try for something a little more substantial tomorrow. But no promises! I don’t need that kind of pressure!