Month: August 2011

Honest Abe the Babe

Magic Meathands Original video #13!

It’s another sketch comedy video for your entertainment enjoyment!

This one is a preview of a brand new historical TV series that will blow you away with its textbook accuracy while still being entertaining and yes, even sexy! I did the voice over and I also had a scene as General Robert E. Lee that will have historians talking for decades. Also featured in this video is Shane Boroomand, Mary Benedict (also the writer and director), Kathie Bostian and Nikki Turner.

History was never this historical!

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Sex Offender runs for Mayor

So this should take care of any political aspirations I might have.

I can’t figure out how to embed Funny or Die videos here so once the Poopdog Entertainment people post it to YouTube, I’ll do a new post embedding it here. I think this is the third video I’ve done with Sam Sero and Poopdog. Mayer for Mayor Part 1 will have a part 2, maybe a part 3, and who knows how many more as the 2012 elections fever ramps up.

This video also features fellow Meathand Seth Rotkin. We had too much fun shooting the scene at the table where he’s coaching me. Not sure if more of that will ever surface in future installments.

Anyway, vote Mayer for Mayor!

#LitChat discusses Graphic Novels

The Twitter discussion thread #LitChat is covering graphic novels this week. If you’re on Twitter, jump in today and Friday, and join the conversation. It’s a great way to learn more about comics and graphic novels. The next one is today at 1:00-2:00 PM Pacific / 4:00-5:00 PM Eastern. The final one is this Friday with guest author Sean O’Reilly, publisher of Arcana Studio and co-writer of the graphic novel The Clockwork Girl (co-written by Kevin Hanna of frogchildren studios, and illustrated by Grant Bond).

#LitChat is an hour-long discussion on Twitter focused around the writing and reading of books. There’s a #LitChat every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:00 PM-2:00 PM Pacific / 4-5 PM Eastern, with a guest author on Fridays.

You can find out more about #LitChat at and by following @LitChat on Twitter.

The Seclusion and Community of Comics

You don’t need to be an obsessive collector to enjoy comic books. You don’t need to seal them in plastic bags and put them in specially made cardboard boxes. In fact, please don’t! Comics need casual readers. Comics need a variety of consumption at all levels to return comics to a level of pop culture entertainment. Just like many people buy the occasional movie ticket, DVD, CD or video game, or download them, so too should everyone feel the urge to check out a graphic novel here and there.

But if, after sampling and casually reading, you feel the pull to dive deeper, you’ll find an incredibly engrossing and enriching world. Or worlds, really.

The Comics Reporter Tom Spurgeon recently went through a harrowing health scare that he almost didn’t survive. In fact, he’s still recovering and will be for the foreseeable future. His reflection on that time, where he thinks back on his life and life in comics, is funny and also incredibly moving. It may be a bit long, but it’s worth it. He talks about working in comics, as well as the industry and community.

I don’t think you need to be neck-deep in comics culture to appreciate what he’s talking about because it’s universal. We all belong or want to belong to a culture or sub-culture that has given us such lasting friendships and memories. Serious health problems have a way of putting things in perspective.

It’s interesting to me that this is Tom’s first real medical experience. I know several lifelong comic readers who first discovered comics as children in a hospital. A hospital bed is a lonely and isolated place, and for them, comics offered an escape and a connection to the outside world in a brand new way. You may read alone, but real human hands drew those pictures and wrote those words. Unfortunately Tom didn’t have any comics, but they were still with him after a lifetime of reading, studying, and critiquing them, and working in the industry, where he’s met and befriended countless creators and industry professionals, those real human hands that created are a part of his life. Those human hands carried Tom through a nearly fatal summer, just as those human hands carried those kids.

That’s the power of comics and the power of art.

Tag Team Comedy to Deliver Clothesline of Comedy this Saturday Night

The Magic Meathands (with me!) is teaming up with Darwin’s A Team, an improv comedy group from Victorville’s High Desert Center for the Arts, for a full night of improvised comedy at our new spacious location, the Mary Pickford Studio in West LA, this Saturday night at 8 PM for only $7.

Come out and have yourself a good laugh. Don’t believe me? Check out what people are saying about us on our Magic Meathands Facebook page:

“I enjoyed last night’s show very much. You exploded onto the stage and the energy never let up. Brilliant performance!” -Nick

“So much fun.” -Kathy

“Great show last night at your new location” -Peter

What more proof do you need?!