Day: November 22, 2010


Magic Meathands sketch comedy video #4!

Written, directed and edited by Nikki Turner, and starring Shane Boroomand and Travis McElroy, with Mary Benedict and Liz Gill. There’s also a quick appearance by me in the crucial role of the Ticket Taker.

This was the most production heavy of the initial batch of videos we made, complete with green screen and CGI velociraptor with missile launching arms. We had to cut the velociraptor because he kept blowing his lines.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! We’re having a blast making these for you, and more are in the works. Stay tuned! (Or… stay internetted. Or whatever.)

Magic Meathands Original video #3: Pants – A Nightmare
Magic Meathands Original video #2: Fun and Games
Magic Meathands Original video #1: Eddie the Enforcer