Day: November 16, 2010

What does a nightmare sound like?

I was very intent on creating a specific musical soundtrack for the video that posted yesterday, Pants: A Nightmare. So, as a little behind-the-scenes exclusive, I’ve posted the music I wrote and recorded for the sketch video. It’s at my Acoustic Roundtable profile which I nearly forgot existed. I’ve posted the final music that was used in the video as well as an earlier demo-type version.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, although I’m constantly frustrated by the limitations of my musical abilities. Even so, the overall effect, and several specific moments, achieved what I was going for. So I’ll consider this a success, and keep learning.

I actually thought about putting this up on iTunes to sell, but I doubt I could get away with charging 99 cents for a 40-second atonal instrumental.

For those that care about this kind of thing: I used GarageBand to record this. There are three tracks of guitars (2 with some kind of distortion effect). These were recorded live with my nylon-stringed acoustic guitar, a pretty clean, folkie sounding instrument, so I was pretty happy with how dirty and electric-ish I could get these. There’s a vocal track with the ambient vocals effect – I think I did just one take, maybe two. The rest are instruments imitated by GarageBand that I played with my keyboard or mouse – two horn parts (high and low) and strings.

What do you think? Ever have a nightmare sound like this?