Day: November 12, 2010

A Week of Anniversaries

A week of anniversaries comes to a close. In reverse order:

Thursday, November 11: 13 years ago, Nahleen took the train in from Fitchburg to visit me in Boston. While at the frigid City Hall Plaza, we agreed that maybe we LIKE liked each other and should, like, totally go out. Somehow time passed and now we agree that maybe we LOVE love each other.

Wednesday, November 10: Four years ago, my friend Yvis very audibly mistook my wedding ceremony for his surprise birthday party. In front of everyone. It was awkward. And hilarious. (OK, it was planned.)

Tuesday, November 9: 11 years ago, Nahleen and I left New England for Los Angeles! Our journey continues…

Have a great weekend, everybody! (And don’t forget this is happening Saturday night.)