Fading Away

Over the last week or so, I’ve written about my decision to back off of pursuing acting for the most part. But I’m not saying it’s over forever. After all, never say never.

Case in point: In 1974, singer-songwriter James Taylor was seriously considering retiring early. After the back-to-back success of his albums Sweet Baby James and Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon and the Grammy-winning hit single “You’ve Got a Friend” in 1971, he probably could’ve called it quits and done just fine. But after his fourth album One Man Dog under-performed, he allegedly wondered if maybe it was time to move on to doing something else. The song “Fading Away” came out of this period.

Last year, at the age of 67, James Taylor released his 17th studio album, Before This World, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, his first album to debut at the top of the charts. So yeah, never say never.

Maybe acting is something I’ll want to pursue again. Maybe I’ll be able and willing to devote the energy and resources. Or maybe it’ll be something else. Or maybe not. For now though…

“No one will really notice if we just sit this next one out.”

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