For Your Files: A list of our cat’s names

IMG_1561The written language was created so we would not lose information traditionally passed orally. It is important, even crucial, that we document oral history whenever possible, or risk losing a part of our culture.

To that end, I have documented here all known names and nicknames of our feline family member, one Cleo Kitty Blake. Please update all locally saved and relevant records and files to reflect this data.

Notes for historians:

  • Cleo already had a name when we got her, hence the first entry, but that was quickly abandoned for the more informal Cleo, which is considered her official name of record. Over the ensuing 16 years, variations, permutations, nicknames, and terms of endearment were created. It quickly degenerates into weird vocalizations and songs that aren’t really words.
  • Some names may have already been lost to time. The below captures what is remembered at the date of publication.
  • A number of them use a soft “j” sound, somewhere between “sh” and “jh” or “gh”, not commonly used in American dialects of the English language.
  • Most spellings are descriptive only and have yet to be codified.
  • This list does not include full song lyrics that use these names.
  • This list also does not include phrases used to describe various body parts of Cleo found particularly notable for their cuteness and/or softness.
  • The list is sequenced in an approximate mix of chronological creation and common usage. Additionally, some effort was made to group certain names together based on commonalities and themes.

IMG_2690The list follows as such and thusly:

  1. Cleopatra (her given name)
  2. Cleo (her official name)
  3. Cleo Kitty
  4. Cwee
  5. Cwee-cwa-cwo
  6. The Cleo-est Kitty
  7. Kitty (pronounced “Keetee”)
  8. Kittita
  9. Baby Girl
  10. Little Girl
  11. Honey
  12. Honey Bunches
  13. Sweetie
  14. Beautiful
  15. Darling
  16. Kissable Kitty
  17. Bright Face
  18. Cutie
  19. Cute Face
  20. Cutie Patootie
  21. Cutie Patootie Pants
  22. Cutie Pie-Pie-Pants-Pants-Pie-Pants-Pie-Pants
  23. Chirpie-choo
  24. Muujh Head (sp?)
  25. Muujhie Face (sp?)
  26. Muujh Head Face Pants (sp?)
  27. Bujha-boo (sp?)
  28. Bubshie (sp?)
  29. Bubsharoonie (sp?)
  30. Boo
  31. Boo Bingle (sp?)
  32. Ajhaboo (sp?)
  33. Ajha-bajhoo (sp?)
  34. Ajha-basheebie, Jibie and Jo (sp?)
  35. Poor Cleo
  36. Poor Cwee

List ends here.

Any questions? Ask me anything.


One comment

  1. My nicknames for my mother are too numerous to list but include Bumblebee Mother, Bubbles McBee, Mumsy Bumsy, Boodles, and Hamster Head.

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