Blogust: Ask Me Anything, or Get What I Give You and Like It

There are a lot of cobwebs on this website. Time to dust it off.

For the month of August, I’m challenging myself to write and post 1 blog a day.

What will I write about? I have no idea! Every day, I’m forcing myself to come up with something, anything. Maybe it’ll be serious, maybe it won’t. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t. Maybe it’ll make sense, maybe it won’t.

At the very least, I hope to share a part of me, and give you something to enjoy or think about.

Why am I doing this?

I’ve realized that performing is something that I automatically gravitate toward. A week does not go by that I’m not in a show or rehearsing for a show. It’s just part of what I do, and I have a difficult time not doing it for extended periods of time. In a way, performing may be my most true or natural state.

Writing is not like that for me. I’ve always wanted to be a Writer. Capital “W” and everything. I know writers who are Writers. They are compelled to write and they are fed by it. It’s rarely been that way for me. It’s something I have to force myself to do.

So that’s what I’m doing. Essentually, this is me publicly exercising this muscle again.

Why do it publicly? Peer pressure accountability can be very effective. Also, like with improv comedy, I want to experiment with writing from a suggestion. So if there’s something you’ve always wondered about or always wanted me to talk about, here’s your chance. Below is a form to ask me anything to like. You can even make it anonymous.

Ask me anything about my thoughts and/or involvement in and/or whatever about the following:

Really, anything and everything is on the table. Or if no one submits anything, I’ll just write about whatever pops in my head.

So if you have any vague interest in me or the things I tend to talk about, this will hopefully be fun for you.

Thanks so much for reading and see you tomorrow!

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