My Face on Funny Or Die, and 2 Film Festivals Like Web-Series I Was In

I don’t know if it’s still up this morning, but since Friday or Saturday, my face has been on the front page of Funny Or Die for a political satire video I acted in, Mayer For Mayor, Pt. 1. Craziness.

Here’s a screen capture from writer/director Sam Sero for proof, because as the internet has taught us, pics or didn’t happen.

There I am, right under Stephen Lang. (How many people get to write that sentence?)

Please go watch the video on Funny Or Die and vote ‘Funny’ so we can… win Internet points or something, I guess.

I would embed the video here but apparently Funny or Die and WordPress are rival gangs. If you can’t bear the thought of leaving, fortunately the Poopdog Entertainment team posted the video on YouTube so you can watch it right here:

My fellow Magic Meathands improviser Seth Rotkin is in this too. Yes, there are plans for a Mayer for Mayor, Pt. 2 and possibly more. It seems like maybe there’s some sort of political thing going on for the next 9 months or so that might make this timely. So if you like what you see, please let us know in the comments, share with your friends, and watch it over and over until you’ve memorized the entire thing backwards and forwards. There will be a test.

In other news about me and my face, two film festivals specializing in web-series and online content are particularly fond of a web-series that I appeared in called The Starmind Record. I originally wrote about my appearance in episode 6 and the project here. The Starmind Record is an official selection of both the LA Web Series Festival and the Hollyweb Festival.

If you’re in the LA area and want to check out The Starmind Record on the big screen, the LA Web Series Festival is running the weekend of April 6-8 at the LAX Raddison Hotel (exact screening details to be announced March 20). The Hollyweb Festival will begin screenings on March 9th (exact details should be announced any second now) with an award show on March 31 at the Dim Mak Studios (formerly Cinespace) in Hollywood. Check out the festivals’ websites for more details.

Here’s the episode I’m in, if you missed it the first time around:


  1. Thank you for the plug, bold Coreyolanus!!! I think ALL the Hollyweb screenings are on March 31. I think March 31 is pretty much what we get – but the screening schedule comes out March 9, so we have plenty of time to plan our day. That is my understanding.

    Everyone should come to Hollyweb, BTW. The festival organizers have been SUPER cool and good to everyone, and the whole affair seems very social, relaxed, and fun. Very appropriate for a web series celebration… and booze will always be within easy reach!

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