Month: February 2012

Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time

As I’m looking through the catalog of RiffTrax, the online continuation of the hilarious Mystery Science Theater 3000 TV show from the ’90s that so brilliantly snarked through bad movies, and wondering if I could set up regular private viewing parties, the title of this blog occurs to me. And not for the first time.

Having an idea doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good idea, but it feels like a good idea for at least a little while. And regardless of the quality, random ideas of new projects are always imposing themselves on me. If I didn’t have a day job, three or four websites, and a few career aspirations on the side, I could probably do quite a few of them. But I know that I would just fill that new free time with more projects, and I’d be right back to where I am now.

Maybe my Rifftrax viewing party idea will be realized, maybe it’s the seed of a future idea, or maybe it dies here and now. That initial burst of an idea sure is exciting. It’s like that first blush of new love. It’s like the anticipation of Christmas morning. It’s the hope of a new beginning. It’s that feeling of untapped potential you feel when you hear an undiscovered band that you just know will be as big as The Beatles one day.

OK sure, the survival rate of sperm is higher than the odds of an idea coming to fruition, but creativity can’t be denied. It’s our most valuable commodity. So dream on! And even try to make a few of them come true.

Ideas racing to reality - which will survive?

Oh and let me know if you ever want to come over and watch Mike Nelson point out how a lot of movies are pretty ridiculous.

Oops… Things Change Fast on the Internet

So yesterday I teased the debut of a new column by Dig Comics director Miguel Cima at The Comics Observer. It’s still coming! But I decided to push it back to Friday so that a post could go up today about a comics conference (or colloquium, as they’re calling it) about race and comics that’s happening tomorrow.

Because my bandwidth is stretched pretty thin these days, I’m just not able to make The Comics Observer one of those high-volume sites with 5-10 posts a day. Maybe some day but not right now. So bear with me as I juggle when things come up.

It’ll be worth the wait. Miguel’s column should make for good weekend reading and debating.

Dig Comics director Miguel Cima speaks out

I’m very excited to announce the launch of a new column at The Comics Observer starting tomorrow. Director/writer/host of the award-winning documentary Dig Comics, Miguel Cima, will be contributing a new installment every month, where he’ll be looking at what excites him about the art form found in comic books and graphic novels, and what he feels is holding it back. He starts off with a doozy where he challenges readers and publishers alike to step up.

Disclaimer: I helped produce the two Dig Comics shorts that can be seen on, and continue to serve as a consultant and more as we talk with production companies to launch a TV series, feature-length film or web-series. To follow our progress and join in the crew’s comics discussions, check out the Dig Comics Facebook page.

Caturday: Sponge Loving Kitteh Edition

I love the reaction shot at the very end.

There’s a Magic Meathands show tonight where we’re teaming up with the improv group In Rare Form. One of our fans loves both of our groups, so he conspired to get us to perform together on the same night. See? Dreams do come true!

At The Comics Observer:

This Saturday’s Tag Team Comedy Show with In Rare Form

Our monthly Tag Team Comedy Show features us pairing with a different improv comedy act. This time, we’re hitting the stage of the Mary Pickford Studio with In Rare Form. Like us, they have been performing at M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater recently, as well as venues in Burbank, Hollywood and beyond.

The show starts at 8 PM. Tickets are $7. Don’t miss it! RSVP on Facebook.

The above was cross-posted on the Magic Meathands blog. I’ve been a member of the Magic Meathands for nearly 3 years, performing well over 100 shows of improvised comedy. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, give yourself a treat and catch one of our shows.

Caturday: Fast Exiting Kitteh Edition

Music fans: Ten on the Tenth is happening NOW! You have until tomorrow at 9 AM Pacific / 12 noon Eastern to post 10 songs that fit the theme of love.

Speaking of now, tonight is a fully improvised comedy show with the Magic Meathands (including me!) and Jump Start Comedy at the Mary Pickford Studio in West LA. Tickets are $7 ($3 for kids 12 and under), and the show starts at 8 PM.

Meanwhile, at The Comics Observer:

This Saturday: Family Friendly Improv Comedy with the Magic Meathands and Jump Start

Jump Start (l-r): Steve Lurie, Chris Moore, Kendra Nicholson, Craig Woods, Julie Martin

The Jump Start comedy ensemble from the South Bay of Los Angeles is a fun group of improvisers that joins us monthly for a family friendly show at the Mary Pickford Studio. We’re doing it again this Saturday night at 8 PM. Tickets are only $7 ($3 for children 12 and under).

They’ve been our partners for this show for a couple of years now, and it’s always amazing to watch another group in action. We’ve gotten to see new members join and grow, and the group as a whole get stronger and stronger. I hear tell there’s another Jump Start/Magic Meathands show in the works that will be in their neck of the woods. Details to come!

But in the meantime, get yourself ready for a fun time with our two groups at the Mary Pickford Studio this Saturday night. It’s probably our most popular show. We keep things network TV clean, so you can bring the kids. And we keep things fresh enough for adults.

The above was cross-posted on the Magic Meathands blog. I’ve been a member of the Magic Meathands for nearly 3 years, performing well over 100 shows of improvised comedy. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, give yourself a treat and catch one of our shows.

Caturday: Playing Catch Edition

Here’s a round-up of me on the internet this week:

The Comics Observer launched this week:

Meanwhile, Ten on the Tenth gets tweaked: Announcing the Updated Rules! If a day isn’t enough time for you to think up 10 songs that fit a given theme, you’ll like how it will be run this month and going forward.

And the improv comedy team The Magic Meathands have some Ch-ch-ch-changes to our performance schedule. Short version: We’ve got a show next Saturday night at the Mary Pickford Studio in West Los Angeles, but we say good-bye for now to our monthly Friday show at the Westside Comedy Theater.

Oh and if you’re in Hollywood this weekend, you can go buy some of Joni Mitchell’s furniture. No kidding!