Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time

As I’m looking through the catalog of RiffTrax, the online continuation of the hilarious Mystery Science Theater 3000 TV show from the ’90s that so brilliantly snarked through bad movies, and wondering if I could set up regular private viewing parties, the title of this blog occurs to me. And not for the first time.

Having an idea doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good idea, but it feels like a good idea for at least a little while. And regardless of the quality, random ideas of new projects are always imposing themselves on me. If I didn’t have a day job, three or four websites, and a few career aspirations on the side, I could probably do quite a few of them. But I know that I would just fill that new free time with more projects, and I’d be right back to where I am now.

Maybe my Rifftrax viewing party idea will be realized, maybe it’s the seed of a future idea, or maybe it dies here and now. That initial burst of an idea sure is exciting. It’s like that first blush of new love. It’s like the anticipation of Christmas morning. It’s the hope of a new beginning. It’s that feeling of untapped potential you feel when you hear an undiscovered band that you just know will be as big as The Beatles one day.

OK sure, the survival rate of sperm is higher than the odds of an idea coming to fruition, but creativity can’t be denied. It’s our most valuable commodity. So dream on! And even try to make a few of them come true.

Ideas racing to reality - which will survive?

Oh and let me know if you ever want to come over and watch Mike Nelson point out how a lot of movies are pretty ridiculous.


  1. There’s a group on YouTube calling themselves ‘The MST3K Digital Archive Project’ that’s been posting episodes in their entirety over the last year. They’re obviously all dubs from VHS, but a lot of them appear to be Masters (they have their Best Brains title cards before the opening credits). I’ve had fun watching episodes I haven’t seen while having dinner.

    I hope this Small Idea will be able to tide you over until you can realize your Big Idea of a Rifftrax party (which I would be totally into if I weren’t six thousand miles away.).

    1. The MST3K Digital Archive Project? That sounds like how people pirate comics and pretty much everything else in existence and pretend that they’re doing it for some greater good to preserve history. But if they’re all just sitting there on YouTube, I guess the MST3K folks don’t mind, so more power to them. Thanks for the tip!

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