Ten on the Tenth

Caturday: Door Climbing Kitteh Edition

Ten on the Tenth is happening now! Post your 10 Drum Songs here!

I have a show tonight! Improv comedy by two groups, the Magic Meathands (with me!) and Jump Start, at our brand new location, Heyler’s!

Meanwhile, at The Comics Observer:

Also, listen to my second appearance on the Part-Time Fanboy podcast, where we review The Avengers movie. I show up about halfway through.

What are 10 Songs with Awesome Drums?

This month’s theme for Ten on the Tenth is Drums. Be it awesome drum solos, killer fills, tight rhythm sections, or dope beats, (or the worst of all those things), I want to hear your 10 songs. Post them here.

I do Ten on the Tenth every month. So if you love music, check it out and post your own list.

(Yes, I really did use the term “dope beats”. I’m much too white to pull that kind of thing off. I’ll try not to let it happen again.)


Caturday: Sack o’ Kittehs Edition

Last one to leave the bag wins.

The Magic Meathands have our final show at the Mary Pickford Studio tonight! Don’t miss it!

The Comics Observer just completed a round-up of all of the Finalists in the Graphic Novel category for the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes, which were given out last night:

The LA Times Festival of Books is going on today and tomorrow, and there are plenty of Comics Panels and Events to check out.

The Ten on the Tenth for April has an awesome group of songs, and it’s not too late to post your own list of train songs.

I make a quick cameo in Nahleen.com‘s weekly Moments of Peace this week. It’s a picture taken from last Saturday’s Magic Meathands show. It looks like a case of One of These Things is Not Like the Other, but I’ll take it!

What Are Your 10 Songs About Trains

Or somehow inspired by trains. Something to do with trains in some way.

My father’s favorite mode of transportation is this month’s Ten on the Tenth. It just kicked off about an hour ago, so click on that link, compile your list of 10 songs and post away!

Can’t wait to see what people come up with this time.

Caturday: Scouting Kitteh Edition

– All sorts of exciting things are going on over at The Comics Observer:

  • The debut of our newest column The Journey, Man by Wayne Rée, where he takes you through his discovery of comic books.
  • The second installment of Dig Comics by Miguel Cima, where he reveals his recent discovery of dramatic manga.
  • And here are three graphic novels released this week worth checking out for people with little or no history with comics.

– Changes are afoot with the improv comedy group Magic Meathands! If you didn’t read about it here, check it out over there. (And we’ve got a show next Saturday.)

– Music lovers! Get your lists ready! Ten on the Tenth is happening on Tuesday, April 10th.

– And Nahleen.com continues to be revealing, eye-opening and funny. I think my favorite one this week was her total take-down of the interior decorating skills of doctors’ offices.

Caturday: Kitteh Tongue Edition

Look at that tongue!


Tonight! It’s improv comedy! For you! Don’t miss it or you’ll ruin everything.

Hey, music list makers! Ten on the Tenth started this morning! Post 10 songs about hate! It’ll remain open until Monday at 9 AM Pacific / 12 noon Eastern.

And at The Comics Observer:

Caturday: Fast Exiting Kitteh Edition

Music fans: Ten on the Tenth is happening NOW! You have until tomorrow at 9 AM Pacific / 12 noon Eastern to post 10 songs that fit the theme of love.

Speaking of now, tonight is a fully improvised comedy show with the Magic Meathands (including me!) and Jump Start Comedy at the Mary Pickford Studio in West LA. Tickets are $7 ($3 for kids 12 and under), and the show starts at 8 PM.

Meanwhile, at The Comics Observer:

Caturday: Playing Catch Edition

Here’s a round-up of me on the internet this week:

The Comics Observer launched this week:

Meanwhile, Ten on the Tenth gets tweaked: Announcing the Updated Rules! If a day isn’t enough time for you to think up 10 songs that fit a given theme, you’ll like how it will be run this month and going forward.

And the improv comedy team The Magic Meathands have some Ch-ch-ch-changes to our performance schedule. Short version: We’ve got a show next Saturday night at the Mary Pickford Studio in West Los Angeles, but we say good-bye for now to our monthly Friday show at the Westside Comedy Theater.

Oh and if you’re in Hollywood this weekend, you can go buy some of Joni Mitchell’s furniture. No kidding!

Ten on the Tenth – Revised Edition

Yesterday the new rules/guidelines for Ten on the Tenth were posted. This is a site for music fans to come together to share and discover music around a given theme each month. When does it happen? On the tenth of every month. Everyone shares ten songs. Hence the name!

Ten on the Tenth had its inaugural run last month, January 10th (scroll down to the comments to see everyone’s lists). We had a great turnout, especially considering I came up with the idea exactly five days earlier. But not everyone that wanted to participate got a chance. It turns out not everyone can drop everything to put together a list of 10 songs within 24 hours. So, I decided to loosen things a bit to allow people more of an opportunity to play.

So the short version is that I’ll announce the theme on the 8th of every month to give people a couple of days to think about it. Then, I’ll open things up on the 10th, when everyone can post their 10 songs within the given theme. Instead of only 24 hours, you’ll have 48 hours, until the morning of the 12th. So if you missed playing last month, now you’ve got more of a chance to play this month. Now don’t blow it!

Oh and in case you missed it, The Comics Observer launched yesterday! Tomorrow I’ve got a special article posting about a unique hybrid of a play and graphic novel.