Laughter in Triplicates

This month there are three – YES THREE – chances to bring some joy into your life with the Magic Meathands!

This Saturday, March 10, it’s our popular Family Friendly Night with Jump Start Comedy Improv! Both of our groups perform an hour each of fully improvised comedy suitable for people of all ages. Tickets are $7 for adults and $3 for 12 and under. The show starts at 8 PM at the Mary Pickford Studio.

Then next Saturday, March 17, come check out our Tag Team Comedy Show with this month’s special guest, The Callbacks! This is their second time joining forces with us and we’re thrilled to have them back. Once again, tickets are $7 and the show starts at 8 PM at the Mary Pickford Studio.

Then as a bonus this month only, it’s a special second show with Jump Start in their neck of the woods: The 2nd Story Theatre in Hermosa Beach! The show starts at 6:30 PM, tickets are $10.

So there you have it! Three times the funny! All waiting for you!

The above was cross-posted on the Magic Meathands blog. I’ve been a member of the Magic Meathands for over 3 years, performing over 150 shows of improvised comedy. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, give yourself a treat and catch one of our shows.

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