Something for Music Fans: Ten on the Tenth

If you love music, sharing it and discovering it, you should head over to Ten on the Tenth. Every 10th of the month, I’ll throw out a theme and then you have 24 hours to post 10 songs you feel fit within that theme. Any musical genre, any variety. Check it out, it starts tomorrow! There’s also a Facebook page.

A bunch of things inspired this, but a few things in particular seemed to jump start it. The classic rock/album rock Los Angeles radio station 100.3 The Sound does a set of ten songs from a particular year every 10:00 AM and PM, which they call 10@10. It’s always fun to see what they pick. Then my friend Paul Bushman was a guest DJ for the free form KXLU 88.9 FM because he was such a generous donator to the Loyola Marymount-based station. He brought in a set of songs built around his own theme. Then another friend, Bill Faure, sent me a mix CD of songs covered by Carly Simon. All of the songs were covers of songs written by men in her life. Then yet another friend Glenn Blakeslee set up A Day of Sunsets, where people from all over the world come together once a month to share photos of their local sunset. All of these things seemed to eventually coalesce in my head to create Ten on the Tenth, a fun interactive game for music lovers to come together once a month. I’m very curious to see the turnout and the creative songs picked for our first theme.

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