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Comic Book Storytellers on How They Became Pro

Comics writer Michael “Frick” Weber (The Field on the Edge of the Woods) has partnered with digital comics provider Cloud 9 Comix to create a series of quick interview videos with a plethora of mega-talented comics artists and writers talking about how they discovered they wanted to work in comics and how they broke into comics.

The first two episodes were posted last week, and are made up of on-camera conversations held at last month’s Pittsburg Comicon.

Interviewees, in order of appearance:

  • Loran Skinkis (writer/artist, Electric Owl; artist, Star & Stripes)
  • Sean McKeever (writer, The Waiting Place, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, Teen Titans, Funky Winkerbean)
  • Pat Olliffe (artist, Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, JSA Classified)
  • Scott McDaniel (artist, Batman, Daredevil, Green Arrow)
  • Chris Yambar (writer, Bart Simpson Comics; writer/artist, Mr. Beat)
  • Terry Moore (writer/artist, Strangers in Paradise, Echo; writer, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane)
  • George Pérez (artist, Crisis on Infinite Earths, New Teen Titans, Avengers)
  • Louis Small, Jr. (artist, Vampirella, Codename: Knockout)
  • Talent Caldwell (artist, Fathom, Wildcats: Nemesis, Gen13)
  • Gary Morgan (artist, The Field on the Edge of the Woods, Henry)
  • Ron Frenz (artist, Amazing Spider-Man, Thor, Superman)

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Looking at the Eisners: Nominees for Best Continuing Series

Today we’re taking a look at the nominees for Best Continuing Series category.

The 2011 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards released their nominees for excellence in comic books for the previous year recently. A panel of 6 judges made up of professionals throughout the industry selected the nominees. People throughout the industry will now begin voting on the nominees. Winners will be announced at the award show put on at this summer’s huge Comic-Con International convention in San Diego. The Eisners are basically the comic book equivalent of the film industry’s Academy Awards, TV’s Emmy Awards, music’s Grammy Awards, and theater’s Tony Awards, so it deserves a closer look.

I’m breaking down the nominees in each category, providing context and background info, and giving links to Amazon and other sites so you can buy your own copy, if possible. I can’t read everything, so lots of this stuff passed by me or is on my way-too-high to-read pile, so I’m going to avoid saying what “should” win. (I’m also pretty bad at predicting award show winners, so I’m not going to bother embarrassing myself.) Please feel free to post your predictions, preferences, opinions, or questions.

Best Continuing Series

Take a closer look with the click through:

Year in Review: Archaia arrives

Continuing my Year In Review of local LA comic book movers and shakers. Yesterday, we looked at Boom! Studios successful Boom! Kids imprint and their line of Disney comics.

Today, we look at comics publisher Archaia Comics. Originally set up as a banner for the self-publishing efforts of writer/artist Mark Smylie and his high fantasy series Artesia, it expanded into a full on publisher in the middle of this past decade, launching the anthropomorphic fantasy series Mouse Guard by David Petersen to much acclaim. More comics were announced until the young publisher seemed to become overwhelmed by its own plans, almost completely grinding production to a halt. It appeared as if Archaia was going to be another in a long line of comics publishers who have abruptly vanished. Then came news of the acquisition of Archaia by Chicago-based media company Kunoichi. For a time this didn’t seem to change anything, but then Archaia came back. In the past year, they have firmly landed on solid ground and proved themselves to be a dependable publisher of quality comics and graphic novels, with an eye to innovation in the digital comics space. (more…)

Barbie at Comic-Con

Yesterday I spent the day at Comic-Con International in San Diego serving as Barbie’s professional photograher. I’ll let her walk us through these and provide captions. Take it away, Barbie!

Thanks, Corey! I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what a super-cute and cool chick like me was doing at “Nerd Vegas”. Normally I wouldn’t be caught dead there but that all changed this past weekend!

This is My Comic-Con Adventure!

It all started Friday night… I got back from shopping early and found Ken reading something weird. Like, gross weird.

That’s right, he was reading PORN! (And I think he was doing something with those big green fists, too.) (more…)