WalkMS – over $1K raised so far!

For a second time, I have just broken past my fund raising goal for the Greater LA Walk MS!

My original goal of $500 was quickly surpassed within four days of my announcement, in tribute to my wife Nahleen who inspires me in her battle with MS every day and the 84-year-old woman from New Jersey who rides her single-speed bike 150 miles every year to raise money for MS. It is slightly over two weeks later and my increased goal of $1,000 was just met!

Tremendous thank yous to everyone who has donated and emailed or messaged me with enthusiastic support!

What should my next goal be? How much would you pay to see me in a heels and dress? Yes, that’s right. In case you forgot, I’ll be dressing as the lady pictured above. Click the image to read the original CNN article, which helped me come up with this goofy idea.

Here’s my updated and spruced up Walk MS Page. And here’s our team page (we’d love to have you join our team! Don’t worry, you don’t have to dress up like me.).

Microscopic ramen bowl MIGHT be smallest… CNN still checking

CNN reports that Japanese scientists have invented a microscopic bowl of ramen noodle soup.

Well done Professor Masayuki Nakao! This will really kick start the cure for AIDS!

What’s that you say? It won’t help in the fight against AIDS?

Oh. Well surely cancer! How about cancer?


The flu? Baldness? Foot odor?

Huh. Apparently the “project was aimed at developing nanotube-processing technology”. Why we need nanotubes (pretending for a moment I even know what they are) and how processing them can help the world is not explained. It probably doesn’t mean anything. They probably just made those words up.

Why can’t they just be honest about it? Either Prof. Nakao got caught up in a bet, or his students tricked him into making it a school project. They probably thought it would be funny to spend their entire semester making a microscopic ramen bowl.

But it isn’t funny. There are a lot of starving people in the world, and turning their food microscopic is just rude.

What really amused me about this article, though, is CNN’s headline. “Microscopic ramen bowl believed to be world’s smallest”. “Believed“?

Are there lots of uselessly small ramen bowls being made?

Oreos face Final Dunking

Oreos - in happier timesA tragic accident has struck our nation, if not our entire planet. Every man, woman and child will be feeling this mighty blow for generations to come.

The Associated Press reports that 14 tons of Oreo cookies have spilled onto Interstate 80 between Chicago and Morris, Illinois.

Oh why?! WHY GOD?! Take me instead! But spare the Oreos!

Apparently the truck driver fell asleep while driving this morning at around 4 AM local time. Oh you, stupid, careless driver! What’s wrong with you? Do what every truck driver in every country song ever does and take some No-Doz! For the love of all that’s cream-filled! Don’t you know what kind of precious cargo is under your care?

Oh God… they’re even Double Stuf. My favorite kind… I don’t know if I can go on…

Here’s some raw footage taken for CNN.

The Yahoo story has a video link to the local CBS station’s coverage where you can… oh the agony… see Oreos smeared across the highway.

Now, all that remain are the tears.