Oreos face Final Dunking

Oreos - in happier timesA tragic accident has struck our nation, if not our entire planet. Every man, woman and child will be feeling this mighty blow for generations to come.

The Associated Press reports that 14 tons of Oreo cookies have spilled onto Interstate 80 between Chicago and Morris, Illinois.

Oh why?! WHY GOD?! Take me instead! But spare the Oreos!

Apparently the truck driver fell asleep while driving this morning at around 4 AM local time. Oh you, stupid, careless driver! What’s wrong with you? Do what every truck driver in every country song ever does and take some No-Doz! For the love of all that’s cream-filled! Don’t you know what kind of precious cargo is under your care?

Oh God… they’re even Double Stuf. My favorite kind… I don’t know if I can go on…

Here’s some raw footage taken for CNN.

The Yahoo story has a video link to the local CBS station’s coverage where you can… oh the agony… see Oreos smeared across the highway.

Now, all that remain are the tears.

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