Living Room Theater: Twin Peaks Episode 3

The funeral of Laura Palmer

So far so good. We’re sticking to our schedule of one episode each week. Last night was Episode 3. Some random thoughts:

  • The police receptionist Lucy, as played by Kimmy Robertson (thanks, Wikipedia), is hilarious. Looks like she’s still working from time to time, which is always good to see.
  • What’s the deal with the eyepatch-wearing Nadine? She’s totally psycho over inventing frictionless curtain drapes, and when she does she goes totally ga-ga over her previously neglected, verbally abused husband Big Ed, who himself is kind of creepy for a big lug.
  • Worst. Funeral. Ever.
  • I love the opening credits of the soap opera within the show with an actress playing two roles, and then in walks Laura Palmer doppelgänger and cousin Maddy, both roles played by Sheryl Lee.
  • I thought the Bookhouse Boys were going to check out the bartender after interrogating the Canadian drug mule. Why did Sheriff Truman go make out with Josie?
  • Someone please dance with Laura’s father before he collapses on another coffin.

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