Featured with the Magic Meathands – 5/14

In case you were wondering (and I’m sure you were), I’m still appearing (nearly) weekly with the improv comedy troupe the Magic Meathands every Thursday night, 8 PM, at The Spot Café & Lounge, 4455 Overland Ave., Culver City. Tickets are $5.

Yes, weekly comedy made up for you right on the spot at The Spot!

Every month or so I’m a featured player, which basically means I’m allowed to hog the stage. My next show as a featured player is Thursday, May 14, 8 PM. Tickets are still $5.

Also, every second Saturday of the month is the Student Medley show, which is when the students of the Magic Meathands company get to showcase what they’ve learned and also perform with us Meathands. So if you can’t make Thursday nights, this is another great way to see the wackiness. The next one is this Saturday, May 9, 8 PM. Tickets are $0 (free).

Hope to see you at The Spot!

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