New Year – New Underwear

Old Man 2008 has withered away, giving way to Bouncing Baby 2009.

Change is in the air. Hope is waiting in the wings.

But fear still lurks in the shadowy future. Fear of evil-doers is passé. Now we’re back to the old chestnut of financial fears both real and imagined.

Never has so much hung in the balance. (With the possible exception of the last time that it did.)

So, what to do?

I can only do so much on my own, so probably more of the same. Just better than the last (on the good days).

So that’s my New Years Resolution*: more of the 3 L’s – Listen, Learn, Laugh.

Not always in that order.

Thank you for being there! Happy New Year!

(* I reserve the right to break my resolutions at any time, guilt-free.)

(I also reserve the right to not explain the title of this post.)


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