Live-blogging: Domino’s order via Pizza Tracker

The unerringly on-target actress Minda Grace Ware (catch her in the final weekend of “Shanghai Moon”) and I decided we wanted some Domino’s pizza for lunch. So we decided to use the world wide wubbernets to order our pizza. It turns out has a handy Pizza Tracker (patent pending) so you can follow the progress of your order from the moment you order to the moment it arrives on your doorstep. It even tells you who is working on your pizza!

What fun!

But remember: Domino’s Pizza says “You got 30 minutes”. But do we, really? Read on!

What follows is our back-and-forth on Facebook as we watched the Pizza Tracker:

12:58pm – Minda’s status update: Minda and Corey’s pizza is almost on “BAKE”!! thanks Dominos!

1:00pm – Corey: Come on Criselda! Prep that pizza!

1:12pm – Corey: “Criselda put your order in the oven at 1:10 PM.”
15 minutes of prep! That is one well-prepared pizza!

1:13pm – Minda: it better have a golden crust i tell ya…with REAL GOLD!

1:15pm – Corey: WHAT THE–?
It went from bake to box to delivery in 4 minutes.
“Our delivery expert, John, left the store with your order at 1:14 PM”

1:19pm – Minda: undercooked, overprepped…sounds like my last date.

1:28pm – Corey: So… hungry…
30 minutes… almost up…

1:29pm – Minda: yeah…where the heck is “Our Delivery Expert, John”??? he’s eating our half pepperoni pizza, that’s where!!

1:31pm – Minda: is it free yet?

1:39pm – Corey: Hard to tell when they hang up on you.

1:40pm – Minda: amazing how quickly our Pizza Rush turned sour with Bad Customer Service, no?

1:41pm – Corey: Google maps says it should take 4 minutes. Factor in some time for traffic and… he’s still MIA.
I hope he’s enjoying our overprepped, undercooked pizza.

1:44pm – Corey: It’s here! We’re eating!
Praise be St. John of Domino!

2:01pm – Minda: i need a nap…pizza coma…


  1. i love that you linked my LA Weekly review…i’m shamelessly pleased.

    though still not too happy with our friends at dominos HANGING UP ON YOU when you were calling their late asses…

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