Comedy Walk hosting Thursday

Comedy Walk returns! And they asked me to come back as host!

As before, I will be hosting one of their 6 simultaneously running stages Thursday, August 13th! The show runs 8:30 to 10:00 PM.

This time I’ll be in The Cabaret Room in The New LATC on 514 S. Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles 90013.

Comics scheduled to perform: Stevie Mack, Maury Rogow, The Mooney Twins, Stogie Kenyatta, Celeste Davis, Gayla Johnson, Alicia Simmons, Brian Farrell and Jon Wilson.

Last month was a fun ride and I’m excited to be a part of it again. Hope to see you there!

Stop by for this FREE event in Downtown LA!


  1. Thanks Enci! I’d love to see you there.

    I believe the next one is scheduled for Thursday, September 18th. I’m not confirmed yet but I’ll post here and also to my mailing list when I know for sure.

    I hope the Film Festival was good. I’m sorry I missed it.

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