Month: July 2008

Barbie at Comic-Con

Yesterday I spent the day at Comic-Con International in San Diego serving as Barbie’s professional photograher. I’ll let her walk us through these and provide captions. Take it away, Barbie!

Thanks, Corey! I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what a super-cute and cool chick like me was doing at “Nerd Vegas”. Normally I wouldn’t be caught dead there but that all changed this past weekend!

This is My Comic-Con Adventure!

It all started Friday night… I got back from shopping early and found Ken reading something weird. Like, gross weird.

That’s right, he was reading PORN! (And I think he was doing something with those big green fists, too.) (more…)

Hosting Comedy Walk this Thursday

25 different comedy acts. 6 downtown Los Angeles venues.

That’s right, six 90-minute comedy shows running at the same time.

This Thursday, July 10th, 8:30-10:00 PM, I will be hosting one of the six different rooms that will be chock full of a rotating roster of stand-up comics in this month’s Comedy Walk.

I will be in The Chicken Room (yes, yes, I know), Spring Arts Tower, 211 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles 90013 [Google Maps]. I’ll be starting things at 8:25 on the dot!

Comics on my stage will be Jason Dudey, Josh Rencher, Jackie Fabulous Champagnie, Roz Browne, Bruno Lucia, Tim Powers, Julia Louiza, Joe Bartnick and Larry Vazeos. (That’s a whole lotta links!)

Stop by… It’s FREE!

Tonight’s Viewing: The Princess Bride

Another movie I haven’t watched since I was a wee lad. Perhaps the best scene:

Some really fun writing in there.

Wallace Shawn is so great as the “genius” Vizzini. I love his bemused “hm” after being told about iocane powder, and his giddy excitement just before taking the final drink when he thought he’d won. Great deliveries throughout.

Poor Robin Wright had to sit there blindfolded through this entire scene. I wonder if she ever fell asleep.

And I’m pretty sure Prince Humperdinck and Count Rugen had a secret gay love affair going on. Obviously the true motivation behind his plot. This is the scene that tipped me off:

Oh the sub-text!