Hosting Comedy Walk this Thursday

25 different comedy acts. 6 downtown Los Angeles venues.

That’s right, six 90-minute comedy shows running at the same time.

This Thursday, July 10th, 8:30-10:00 PM, I will be hosting one of the six different rooms that will be chock full of a rotating roster of stand-up comics in this month’s Comedy Walk.

I will be in The Chicken Room (yes, yes, I know), Spring Arts Tower, 211 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles 90013 [Google Maps]. I’ll be starting things at 8:25 on the dot!

Comics on my stage will be Jason Dudey, Josh Rencher, Jackie Fabulous Champagnie, Roz Browne, Bruno Lucia, Tim Powers, Julia Louiza, Joe Bartnick and Larry Vazeos. (That’s a whole lotta links!)

Stop by… It’s FREE!


  1. Jason Dudley is so funny!!! You have to check him out in Outlaugh which he stars in with other great comedians like suzanne westenhoefer and margaret cho. its so hilarious youre going to pee your pants. you cant rent the whole thing from here –

    ♥ Jam

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