Can’t Blog… Eating

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone in the United States! Everyone else… Happy Thursday?

This morning, the Magic Meathands and I are performing at a church in Inglewood that is serving a Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless and needy. I think this makes the third year in a row we’ve done this show. Improv comedy directly to the people that need laughter the most. I love it.

Eat hearty and be thankful.

Meanwhile, here’s an awkward and poorly-lit video of our cat Cleo:

Special Thanksgiving Improv Show

This Thursday the Magic Meathands will be performing to homeless and underprivileged families at the Ultimate Vision Church in Inglewood at noon. Before, during and after our shenanigans, the church will be serving Thanksgiving dinners to families in need.

I’m honored and excited to be part of this show. Unfortunately that means our normal Thursday night show will not be happening this week. But we’ll be back at The Spot in Culver City next Thursday at 8 pm.

Have a great Thanksgiving!