Scrooge McDuck

Q: If you discovered a Djinn (Genie) who offered to grant you three wishes (and, no, you can’t wish for more wishes, smartypants), what would you wish for?

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A: Is this one of those trick genies where your wish backfires because you weren’t incredibly specific enough? Pretending for a moment it’s not, I would probably be pretty standard in the wish department:

1. Greater empathy and understanding among humans (world peace, etc.).
2. A bottomless bin of money (like Scrooge McDuck).
3. A tail. Yes, an actual tail like a cat’s tail. I have no idea why but they fascinate me and seem like fun. But now I sound like a furry, so maybe that’s a bad idea. Plus it would probably get in the way a lot and all of my pants would have to be modified. Maybe a detachable tail. But it has to actually move around and stuff. Pinning to my butt a long string that does nothing wouldn’t cut it.

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