I Can Has Cheezburger?

This Friday is brought to you by Comics Business Kitteh

After the Comics Creator Throwdown between Marvel VP Tom Brevoort and legendary cartoonist Scott Shaw! yesterday, I think we could all use a chalk drawing of Business Cat loving comics to cleanse the palette.

I must know where this is in the real world. And I must go to it.

Sure he messed up the usage of lie/lay, but he’s wearing a tie!

(Via I Can Has Cheezburger, via 9Gag.com)

Don’t forget… show tonight in Santa Monica! More details on Facebook.

And we’re back!

Thanks for hanging in there. The computer is back up and running with a bigger hard drive and faster operating system. And all under warranty! Thank you, Apple Genius Bar!

Lesson learned: when people suggest backing up your files, they actually think it’s a good idea for a very good reason. I probably recovered about 80-90% of our files, so not too bad actually. Definitely could’ve been much worse.

Regularly scheduled blogging will resume with more regularity in a regular fashion.

To your right, a visual representation of the repair process courtesy of the documentarians at I Can Has Cheezburger.