Can’t Blog Now, Getting Yelled At By My Cat

Family portrait... sorta

Got the internet fixed (thank you, Verizon tech support, for actually being knowledgeable, efficient and effective).

Then got all set to write today’s blog until I kept hearing this little meow in the hallway. You see, our awesome kitty Cleo recently started this thing at night. Once Nahleen goes to bed she has to sit in the hall and wonder aloud why I haven’t also gone to bed. So I get these little reminders that just demand attention.

This is a recent addition to her nightly ritual where earlier in the evening she rather vehemently yells at the toilet for having its cover down. At no other part of the day does this bother her. Once I lift the cover up, she then heads into the living room to yell at Nahleen through our sliding glass doors to the balcony. Nahleen usually spends several minutes out there each night to read or do whatever Nahleens do, but Cleo doesn’t like this one bit because she’s out there and not in here with us.

So the point is that Cleo is a hilariously insistent kitty who prefers that all three of us be together. And I have no blog post. Well, except this.

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