Living Room Theater: Twin Peaks Episode 1

What a disaster!

SOMEone who will remain nameless thought that the Episode 1 on disc two of the Twin Peaks DVD set was the same as the pilot on disc one. So we ended up accidentally skipping Episode 1 for a couple of weeks until realizing the error last night. Fortunately we saved our lives from being RUINED forever by catching the mistake.

So last night, we watched episode 1 instead of episode 4. Or episode 2 instead of episode 5 if you count the pilot as episode 1.

Like I said, this is a disaster.

What’s interesting is that we didn’t really feel like we missed much from skipping episode 1. We didn’t feel lost when we started with episode 2, although there was that moment where the high school vixen Audrey Horne mentions at the diner that she met Detective Cooper and that she has a crush on him. I remember thinking, “They haven’t met yet.” Well that’s because I missed their meeting in episode 1. But otherwise, episode 2 and 3 went by without us really feeling like there was some big hole in the story.

Even so, there are still some pieces that will surely be important later on in the series, so I’m glad we went back and watched episode 1.

  • We see slime ball Ben Horne (owner of the Great Northern Hotel) and sourpuss Catherine having a secret affair while scheming to take over the town’s sawmill. It sounds almost like an admission to being involved in Laura’s death either directly or indirectly when Ben says that if there are more disasters in the town, the sawmill will keep closing for the day and lose money.
  • And we see Dr. Jacoby was the one to retrieve the other half of Laura and James’ heart necklace. Dun-dun!
  • And… a one-armed man sighting! Double dun-dun! I like how Hawk just gives up following him. “Eh, oh well.”
  • It’s also interesting that Laura’s father is relatively together here but the mother is hysterical. They basically swap mental states within an episode or two.

Lots of shenanigans going on but still plenty of weird silliness and odd characters to keep it fresh.

(Oh, I’ve also made a new category on my blog – Living Room Theater – if you ever want to look back and reminisce about what we’ve watched. Ah, good times…)


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