Cartoonists’ child tragically dies

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Rosalie Lightning

As if yesterday’s blog wasn’t heart-breaking enough.

Two-year-old Rosalie Lightning, daughter of cartoonist and Sequential Artists Workshop instructor Tom Hart (Hutch Owen) and illustrator Leela Corman (Crafternoon), passed away in her sleep the night of November 17th.

On his Twitter page, Hart initially only posted “Miserable world”. Later, once word had spread, he tweeted “Thanks everyone for your words. They mean a great deal to us, thank you”. He also posted a picture of his daughter (right) with the comment, “Please don’t comment on this one, just let it be, thanks”.

Their friend and fellow cartoonist Lauren R. Weinstein (The Goddess of War) was the first to make the tragic news public. She has set up a PayPal account to receive donations to help Hart and Corman with expenses.

Just to be clear, this is not an ongoing charitable foundation; it is a bunch of Tom and Leela’s friends passing the cup around to help them surmount the short-term challenges arising from this tragedy.

Rosalie was a wonderful girl.  She loved lizards, Miyazaki movies and duck ponds.

If you want any more information about where to send your condolences please email

Cartoonist Jon Lewis (True Swamp) offers further context, explaining how the new family had only recently moved down to Gainesville, Florida, from New York City on a shoe-string budget with the hopes of Hart opening up a new comics school. In the comments section, Hart posted of their new home, “It’s a magical place, this town, where her soul was set free.”

My deepest condolences to Leela Corman, Tom Hart and their families.

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