Magic Meathands auditions this Wednesday

And we’re back!

Thanks for reading my Read It! series over the last week and a half. I might do more of those from time to time, especially since I just read a bunch of great stuff (like Anya’s Ghost!) while on our flights.

Of course, all this big stuff happened in comics while I was back east, and I’ll be commenting on them soon, once I collect my thoughts and get over some jet lag.

For you LA-based actors out there, the improv comedy group I’m in, the Magic Meathands, are holding auditions this Wednesday night. This group is one of my all-time joys. It’s a great group of people with lots of creative encouragement and freedom. We usually perform once a week either at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica or the Mary Pickford Studio in West LA, as well as more non-traditional venues, such as homeless shelters, transitional housing and recovery homes. So yes, community outreach is a big part of being a Magic Meathand. We also do sketch comedy on YouTube from time to time, and have workshops and team up with other improv groups and comedy acts. It’s tons of fun! If you’re in the area and interested, email our director Bill Johnson.

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