Private Eye Butt Kapinski arrives in LA, solves crime, breaks 4th wall

A whole lot of this please:

Butt Kapinski is a scrappy clown character played by Deanna Fleysher. With a brilliant bit of ingenuity, she has devised a way to light herself for performances that adds another level to the character’s look and physicality. This gives her the freedom to break the 4th wall and roam around her audience for an all-new level of interaction and immersion. Fleysher’s playfulness and joy comes through in the character who is almost instantly likable, funny and fun to watch.

The character originated in New York City but has recently made the trek to Los Angeles. I can’t wait to see what Butt Kapinski does in our city.


    1. Thanks for posting about it! I hope the show went great! If I didn’t have a show myself tonight, I would’ve been there to see it. Looking forward to the next one.

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