Day: June 6, 2011

The Starmind Record puts dramatic twist on improv and aliens

I have a guest appearance in episode 6 of The Starmind Record.

Web-series tend to be short comedies. Performance improv tends to be comedic. So this project is a bit unusual: a dramatic web-series improvised around outlines and a mythology written and created by writer/director Tennyson Stead of 8 Sided Films. And to add another level, the show utilizes compelling mysteries that reminds me of the addictive narrative that drew in fans of shows like Lost. It was a great experience to work my improv muscles in a new way, more focused and goal-oriented for a dramatic scene, and more subtle for a camera.

Because of the serialized nature of the show, it’s probably best to watch the episodes leading up to the one above. They’re each about 10 minutes long and are building a cool mystery around a possible alien visitor found by two documentarians played by Gerard Marzilli and Charlotte Gallagher. Matthew McCallum plays the mysterious Dean. This episode also features Shanna Beauchamp, Lisa Russey and Cesar Ramos

Here are the previous episodes: