Hello Lonesome screens at Cinema Village

The award-winning comedy written and directed by Adam Reid (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer, While the Widow is Away short film) screens at Cinema Village in New York City starting this Friday.

With an enchanting mixture of laughter and longing, the worlds of six flawed yet endearing individuals are woven together as they explore those age-old human desires: to love and be loved.

Single urbanite Gordon (Nate Smith) meets Debby (Sabrina Lloyd) online and finds their new relationship put to the ultimate test. A suburban widow (Lynn Cohen) gets much more than she was looking for when she loses her license and leans on her neighbor (James Urbaniak) for support. And in the country, successful voice-over artist Bill Soap (Harry Chase) starts to make amends for being such a lousy father. Sparkling with wit and humanity, Hello Lonesome is the first feature film from writer/director Adam Reid.

Click for more pics of Christopher Trudeau on the set of Hello Lonesome

My first college roommate Christopher Trudeau handled lighting for this movie. I love having talented friends. It’s so much easier than pretending they’re good at what they do. Imagine how awkward that would be. “Oh, good for you! Look at you, doing… what you do!”

Chris was probably the first person I met whose creative perspective I admired. It’s unique, a little off-center and unconventional without losing accessibility. He’s quietly driven and talented, and when those don’t work, he’s smart enough to fake it. He’s also wickedly funny. And I desperately hope he will write and direct his own movies again soon. Fortunately he hardly uses the Internet as if he were an old person, so he’ll probably never see this.

That aside, this movie looks right up my aisle. Funny not because of cheap laughs (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but because of authentic characters. Can’t wait to see it. If you’re not in New York, like me, the movie will be available nationwide on Cable Video on Demand starting June 1st.

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