Day: March 28, 2011

List of Independent Alternatives to Closed Borders: Graphic Novel Edition

Pic via The Stonebrook Institute of Higher Thinking (click for their thoughts on Borders closing)

In case you haven’t heard, Borders filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy recently, and the first order of business in an attempt to reorganize was to close 200 Borders bookstores (interactive map), with an option to close 75 more at a later date. Subsequently, 28 additional stores were added to the list, scheduled to close in late May. Massive liquidation sales started at 20%-50% off everything in each chosen store, with discounts getting steeper as each week passes. The locations made up at least 30% of Borders’ entire retail presence. resumes as normal, and gift cards will be honored. For now, anyway.

Once your local Borders store is gone, where to go for graphic novels, manga and comic books? Fortunately there are an estimated 2400 comic book stores out there to pick up the slack. In fact, comics retailers would love your business. Earth 2 Comics, less than a mile from the Borders closing in Sherman Oaks, California, posted on their store’s Facebook page, “You know we can order any book in print for you, not just comics and [graphic novels]? You may also notice we are expanding our prose section.”

Here is a list of comics and specialty shops near the closing Borders stores, according to the database of and the power of Google. If I’m missing one within about 5 miles of a closing Borders store or any of the info needs correcting, please post below in the comments or email me and I’ll update it.

(Blatantly stolen and adapted from Edward Champion.)

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