Violent Blue premieres this Friday

I’m always happy to pass on the word about the good work of friends also on the pursuit of creativity.

Jesse Hlubik is a fantastic actor that I was lucky to have studied with in an actors’ group when the century was still an infant. He wasn’t the teacher. We didn’t have one. Just a group of actors learning from each other, critiquing each other, pushing each other to go further and be better. We’d watch, study, maybe steal some (in my case, steal a lot).

This Friday, Violent Blue premieres in Culver City. Jesse Hlubik stars as… well, I’m not really sure what’s going on in this crazy movie. Here’s the trailer:

I don’t know what just happened either, but that looked amazing. Weird, surreal, imaginative, somewhat mad.

Directed by Gregory Hatanaka (Mad Cowgirl) and also starring Silvia Suvadova and Nick Mancuso, the movie has a red carpet premiere at Culver Plaza Theatres this Friday at 6:30 PM. The movie will continue to screen there through January 13, followed by a DVD release January 25. If you’re in the LA area, check it out. I can’t make the premiere (I’ve got a show), but I’ll try to catch it before it leaves Culver Plaza, and so should you.

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