Obama and the Tea Party

Poopdog Entertainment has posted their latest video. I appear at the end. We call it a “special cameo appearance” to make me sound more important.

Prepare yourself. This video contains big people language and political satire.

Written & Directed by Sam Sero
Starring Chris Langan & John Shirley Miller
Produced by Poopdog Entertainment

Also Starring:
Mitch Lerner as Chester
Jamie Lee & Missy Boyd as the Tea Party Girls
Chris Z! as Tea Party Speaker
Tea Partiers: Zack Beseda, Marc Dorris, Shawn Becker, Calum Macdonald, Jayson Conroy, Denis Klein, Ron Schultz, Chapin Tierney, Marchien
Corey Blake, Michael DiSciullo & Ryan Morgan as Secret Service Guys
Executive Producer Sam Sero
Supervising Producer & Researcher Teddy Tutson
Cinematography by Zach Voytas
Sound by Paul Losada
Edited by Ben Roche & Jarryd Meyer
Music by Jeff Says No
Location Provided by Calum Macdonald & Amir Kalil


  1. It’s not nice to make fun of Obama, the Tea Party, or people who exercise their choice to have intercourse with lifesize cardboard photographs of famous people. How would you like it if someone made fun of you for not having intercourse with lifesize cardboard photographs? I don’t think you would. Also I don’t think this video accurately represents redheaded girls at parties. They do not wear earmuffs and to say they do is kind of like slander, only it’s actually libel. Also not everyone defecates in the morning after a party. Some people wait until lunch. Other than that I liked the video a lot.

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