All-New Shows with the Magic Meathands

Improv comedy group The Magic Meathands are kicking off a brand-spanking new show schedule in July! And as always, I’ll be performing with them as often as they’ll let me.

Fridays are for Funnies! (aka: Thursdays no more)
After 2 years of Thursday Night Comedy Cafe, the Meathands are moving to Friday nights! We’ll be there to help you kick off the weekend! Here’s how it breaks down (get out your pencil, take notes carefully):

  • 1st Friday of every month, we’re at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica with The Waterbrains and Mission IMPROVable. We’ve been doing this show for several months now and it continues to get stronger and stronger. Showtime: 8 PM. Tickets: $10 for all 3 groups.
  • 2nd & 4th Friday of every month, we’re at our old stomping grounds The Spot Cafe and Lounge in Culver City. We’ll be having special guests and themes, so watch for details. Showtime: 8 PM. Tickets: $5.
  • 3rd Friday of every month, as part of our Community Outreach program, we’ll be performing at the Hope for Homeless Youth in Echo Park. We’ve been doing this show for a couple of years now and it’s always fun.

Saturdays are for Sillies!
Our Family Friendly show with improv group Jump Start keeps growing and growing! It’s also at The Spot Cafe and Lounge in Culver City. Showtime: 8 PM. Tickets: $7.

So there you have it. There will bound to be extra one-off shows here and there, too. For more, check out the Magic Meathands Facebook page.


  1. I know that some Thursday night I am going to drive down to Culver City for a show, completely forgetting about the schedule change. I will probably have to endure their new Thursday night feature, Edgar Sneetface and his Talking Banjo.

    1. Nick, if that happens, I will give you a complimentary napkin at the next show. No charge!

      Edgar is amazing. I swear, it really sounds like his banjo is talking! I don’t know how he does it!

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