The League of Big-Heads

While looking at the recently “leaked” picture of Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond for next Summer’s Green Lantern movie, it occurred to me that I find big-headed superheroes and villains kind of hilarious. Their designs, transparently based off Cold War-era radiation paranoia, somehow manage to look both creepy and goofy yet are neither all at once. And they invariably result in some kind of mind-based powers. I don’t know who came up with the idea first, but there’s something weirdly compelling about them.

In tribute, I now assemble The League of Big-Heads. Here now is a collection of characters that have no motivation or legal ability to ever be on the same team except for the superfluous commonality that they all have enlarged craniums.

Naturally, we have to start off with Hector Hammond, since he kicked this whole idea off.

Every team needs a leader, so here’s The Leader – one of the Hulk’s major villains.

The bobble-headed cosmic bystander known as Uatu the Watcher wouldn’t be on the team because he would only annoy everyone with his endless narrations and his vow to never interfere/do anything. But he would probably pop up anyway because he’s always finding reasons to break his vow.

To up the green-skinned big-head quotient, The Mekon would be The Leader’s second-in-command, much to Hector Hammond’s chagrin.

Perhaps too on-the-nose but he definitely deserves a place on the team – Jeffrey Brown‘s very funny superhero parody Bighead.

A twist on the theme, Bi-Beast has a big head because there’s a second head growing out of his first head! This could cause dramatic tension on the team, as some might think he’s not a true big-head. This would be a deep metaphor for racism.

And perhaps the most hilariously bizarre of all… MODOK!

So there’s my awomely big-headed team.

Huh. There seems to be a dearth of female big-heads.

Did I forget your favorite big-head? Nominate a character for membership by posting in the comments. (And I thought about Galactus, but I choose to believe he just has a big helmet with a normal head.)

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