Yes We Cannes

(Stupid joke. Sorry.)

I still owe you a post-WalkMS bloggy-thingie. It’s coming, I promise.

In the meantime, I have some exciting news! I will be in Cannes for not one, not two, but THREE screenings! Well, I won’t physically be there, but 2-dimensional representations of me and my work will be there.

The Short Film Corner at the Festival de Cannes has selected both Tough Love and Dig Comics for screenings! (Links below take you to the Short Film Corner pages for each.)

Tough Love is a comedy short where I did actorly stuff of a comedic fashion. The short film was produced by my Magic Meathands buddy Travis McElroy (who also acted in it) and directed by Mike Thomas. This will be the world premiere of Tough Love. I play one half of one of the 3 couples:

A couple of escaping mental patients intent on robbing a bank accidentally bust into a group couples counseling session and inadvertently help a bumbling therapist solve all the couples’ problems.

Dig Comics is a documentary short that I helped produce. I’ve babbled on about this one quite a bit already. You can even follow the progress of the film and our efforts to get a feature length version made right here. It was co-directed, written and hosted by Miguel Cima and produced and edited by Dirk Van Fleet. Dig Comics has been having a great run since it won Best Doc at last year’s Comic-Con Independent Film Festival, where it made its world debut. It has since screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival, New Filmmakers LA, Royal Flush Film Festival (NY) and Tucson Film and Music Festival, and received Merit Awards at both the LA Reel Film Festival and LA Cinema Festival of Film. Dig Comics has gotten positive reviews and write-ups from the LA Times, Ain’t It Cool News and Comic Book Resources, among others. It has also won the attention of actor Edward James Olmos, whose production company has signed on to help us in production once we obtain funding for a feature. I don’t act in this (’cause it’s a documentary, silly!) but I do have a couple of quick cameos.

Is the American art form of comic books dying? Dig Comics hits the streets to convert everyday people into new fans. Comics professionals, experts and celebrities weigh in on what went wrong and how to bring back the comics audience. The battle is on to get America to Dig Comics!

As if all of that isn’t enough, Dig Comics will also be screening at the Cannes Independent Film Festival! This festival runs independent of yet concurrently with Festival de Cannes. Both Festivals take place May 12-23 this year.

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