Congratulations, You’re Alive!

Yay, you made it!

If you observe Daylight Savings Time, you were more likely to have a heart attack Monday morning than any other Monday of the year. According to an LAist article yesterday:

So the natural increases in heart rate and blood pressure will be even further behind [Monday morning] than after any other weekend – in fact, it will be 80 minutes behind. So the stress of the alarm [clock] will be greater, and the immediate stress-related rise in blood pressure and heart rate will be even faster and bigger than any other weekend. So if your heart is already damaged in some way, you stand a greater chance of experiencing a heart attack on the Monday following the spring-forward time change than any other Monday of the year.

Phwew! I was so relieved to make it through the day!

For the whole scientific explanation, check out the full LAist article.

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