Your Brad Link of the Day – Female Toads Inflate to Avoid Sex

BBC News has some sobering news. I hope you’re sitting down.

Male toads wrestle each other to get to their chosen female. Wait, don’t pass out. That’s not the big news.

Usually the female is jostled around during the wrestling match. New research suggests (this is the big news part) that females will inflate their size to effect the outcome of the wrestling match, so that she will be too big for a male toad to grab hold of her.

Yes, that’s right. Female toads will blatantly face palm guy toads they don’t like by blowing up like a balloon, probably right on top of them I bet. The article theorizes that the females are trying to get the strongest and largest male toad to be their mate.

You see? It’s all about muscles. What about the male toad’s personality? I bet the smaller male toad is much more charming and intelligent and funny  than the beefier male toad, if she’d just give him a chance. But no, all she cares about is checking out his toad legs. So shallow.

[Your Brad Link of the Day is provided to me by my friend Brad Beacom via Google Chat. It may or may not actually occur on a daily basis. You may or may not have already seen said link. (But in those instances, some classics are worth revisiting.) You may or may not find some enjoyment in said link. Essentially, I take no responsibility for anything.]

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