Day: December 16, 2009

Your Brad Link of the Day – WebStrip condones Superhero Cougar

The web-strip Evil, Inc. by Brad J. Guigar had an amusing strip for December 11, which kicked off a new story line currently running.

My Google Chat conversation with Brad reacting to the comic:

me:  Heh.

Brad:  Yes. Just – heh.
But remember, that’s one letter better than eh.

Truer words were never typed. Click on the image or the link above to read the entire comic.

Also amusing is the timing of when he sent me this link. I was reading yesterday’s news of Marvel Comics’ condescendingly-titled yet well-meaning Girl Comics anthology planned to celebrate Women’s History Month in March 2010. (If you dare, read the comments under that article.)

I’m sure someone could make an extremely clever observation about the juxtaposition of these two items and what they say about women in comics. On a day with more sleep, I might even attempt to be that person. But I think I’ll let them speak for themselves. Juxtapose away, items!

Your Brad Link of the Day is provided to me by my friend Brad Beacom via Google Chat. It may or may not actually occur on a daily basis. You may or may not have already seen it. (But in those instances, some classics are worth revisiting.) You may or may not find some enjoyment in it. Essentially, I take no responsibility for anything.
Also, thanks for your PhotoShop magic, Brad.