Cafe 50s remembers the comic book spinner rack

Following up on last week’s discovery of a New Hampshire grocery store displaying and selling comic books using the old fashioned spinner rack, my friend Shane Boroomand from the Magic Meathands sent me this picture.


Cafe 50's, Los Angeles - photo by Shane Boroomand

Yes, that’s right, it’s another comics spinner rack!

This one is located in Cafe 50’s in West Los Angeles. As you can probably tell, they’re a diner with a 1950’s theme, so they have an appropriate selection of reprint editions of classic horror, crime and war comics from the period.

Our documentary Dig Comics addresses this very important period in comics history. Just as the medium was spreading out into older and more diverse audiences, the industry was put under the microscope of a Senate sub-committee investigating the effects of comics on juvenile delinquency. These 1954 hearings led to a sterilization and perception of comics that lasted for decades. Much of that sterilization has been overcome throughout the last 10-25 years. From our street interviews, we discovered that most of the perceptions remain. Confronting and changing those perceptions is a lot of what our documentary, and the follow-ups to come, is about.

Thanks for sending this, Shane!

If you see a comics spinner rack not in a comic book store, send me a picture!

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