Blown out of Proportion

The Magic Meathands have started posting videos of our live shows again! This is the first MM video that I’m in, except you can’t see my head and I do almost nothing! Yay me! Still, it’s a fun video.

This is a game we’ve been doing to open our shows. It’s usually called Objection, but we’ve started to call it Cranky Lawyers. We take a suggestion from the audience. In this instance it was the word “objections”. You’ll get the idea of how it works pretty quickly.

For more videos, check out the Magic Meathands YouTube channel. There is also now a Magic Meathands Fan Page! And a Magic Meathands Twitter account! There’s also a Magic Meathands MySpace page but I’m not giving you a link to that because no one cares about MySpace anymore. (And the less said about the Hi5 account, the better.)

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