Day: April 18, 2009

WalkMS ’09 is nigh

Thank you so much for all of you who have donated! This year in particular, every dollar is precious to everyone. It takes a lot of courage to part with your hard-earned money no matter how worthwhile the cause. Thank you also to those who joined our team or are also walking with another team. I’m inspired by the great generosity and selflessness I’ve witnessed this year.

For those who have yet to donate, it’s not too late. In less than 24 hours, Nahleen and I will be putting foot to pavement. Every dollar makes a difference. $1. $2.50. $5. $25. Whatever you’re comfortable with, it does just as much good. I’ve seen first hand the invaluable work the National MS Society does. They have directly helped my wife and I in the day-to-day challenges of multiple sclerosis. If you can’t donate this year, I understand. Your emotional and spiritual support is equally valuable.

Like last year, I’ll be bringing some cameras along. If something comes together, I’ll post a video. I’ll also post pictures.

Thank you for your support!